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The Metaverse is Coming

Marketing, Trust & Safety, Strategy, Programming, Design, Engineering – our team in the US works on nearly every part of the business. We’re a group of brilliant, collaborative, and creative people. If this sounds a lot like you, check out our open roles and scroll down to learn more about working with us.

Episode 3: A Cycle of Emotions

Quadrat is a weekly podcast where we discuss all things related to womanhood, from fundamental rights to feminism, body literacy and mental health. We hope to help women become more empowered through knowledge and information, whether they’re in America, Africa or in the Middle East.

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“Do we need periods if they make us crazy?”, Sarah asks. Hint: yes, we do. We reached out to our friend Diana Roth, an endocrinologist specialised in women’s hormonal health to know how menstrual cycles impact women’s brains and emotions.

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